Partner, Patent Attorney, PhD

IP Strategy, Patent Prosecution, Patent Search, IP Transactions, IP Rights Maintenance


Taras is a patent attorney with research background in various branches of biology (waste treatment biotechnology, biosensors, recombinant protein production, medical microbiology), which, together with 6 years’ experience at one of the most prominent IP firms of Ukraine, working exclusively in patent prosecution and filing, offers unparalleled insight into specific details concerning protection of inventions in life sciences and chemistry, inventions that demand understanding of genetics, immunology and protein chemistry, besides knowledge of national legislation and relevant practice.

Advising clients on intellectual property issues
Patent and freedom-to-operate search and opinion
Patent and utility model applications, prosecution
Proceedings before the Appeals Chamber
Disposal of intellectual property rights

Diploma in Intellectual Property Law from Institute of Intellectual Property and Law (Kyiv)
PhD in Medical Microbiology (Lund University, Sweden)
Diploma in biology/microbiology from
National T. Shevchenko University, Biological Faculty (Kyiv)

Patent Attorney since 2017