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How To Register A Trademark In Ukraine

trademark registration

For those who are looking for information on the trademark registration in Ukraine we are pleased to propose the following short yet comprehensive guide.

  • Procedure of Trademark Search and Registration
  • Required documents
  • Time Frame
  • Fees

Trademark search:

It is worth noting that trademark search is not mandatory however, it can reveal possible obstacles for registration of a trademark before filing.

Two types of trademark search are available:

  • Simple trademark search. Can be performed by our trademark attorney in official online registries (Ukrainian Registry of trademark applications that have passed formal examination; Ukrainian Trademark Registry, Registry of International Registrations valid in Ukraine). Time frame: 2 working days.
  • Official trademark search (standard/urgent) to be conducted with the UA PTO.

The search results are exhaustive and provide information on Ukrainian trademark applications, Ukrainian trademark registrations (valid and not valid), International registrations valid in Ukraine. The time frame: standard – 9 working days; urgent – 5 working days.

Trademark registration:

The average time frame for a trademark registration is approx. 18 months. 

It is possible to accelerate the trademark examination. In case of accelerated examination, the registration process will be completed within 7-8 months.

Required documents and information

  • trademark image;
  • full name and address of the applicant;
  • the list of goods/services according to the current edition of the ICGS (may be composed by our specialists if necessary);
  • Power of attorney for representing the applicant’s interests (notarization / legalization is not required). An application may be filed without PoA however, in this case it should be submitted to the Ukrainian trademark office within two months from the date of filing.


Understanding that our success is inextricably linked to the success of our clients, we place their interests at the heart of everything we do. In this regard, we have developed a unique pricing policy in the field of intellectual property services that we provide. You no longer need to guess how much the trademark registration will cost, as you will know the price in advance. There is no more blurred hourly rate – instead we propose a cost-effective flat fee for the trademark registration and all the associated services.

Our clients can always count on attractively priced services of high quality due to e-document flow tools which are deeply integrated into our work processes when dealing with the Ukrainian Trademark Office. The e-filing and IP prosecution tools allow us to significantly reduce the time expenditures and money costs for conducting office work connected to IP prosecution, which in turn opens the possibility for increasing productivity and reducing the cost of the services provided.

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