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Yearly Archives: 2019

Trademark assignment in Ukraine. Main features and insights.

According to the local legislation, trademark assignment in Ukraine comes into force only once the assignment agreement is recorded with the Ukrainian Patent and trademark office (UAPTO). Assignment procedure of a trademark in Ukraine is clearly and fully described in the relevant Ukrainian legislation. Below we would like to briefly talk on its main features. For recordal of trademark assignment in Ukraine an application accompanied with required documents should be submitted to the UAPTO. Documents required for recordal of trademark assignment application for recordal of trademark assignment

Objection against a trademark application in Ukraine as a preventive measure to a court cancellation of registered trademark

Filing an objection against a trademark application is one of the frequent requests of the clients. In this context, we are usually asked to estimate the chances of success for opposing the other party trademark application and provide the cost of the project. These questions are so reasonable because our clients understand benefits of objecting the trademark application at examination stage. Below we will explain the pros and cons of filing objection against a trademark application in Ukraine. This information

Incentives of the Customs Registration of Intellectual Property Objects in Ukraine

Incentives of the Customs Registration of Intellectual Property Objects in Ukraine The rights owner can enhance the protection of intellectual property rights by getting its properties registered with Ukrainian Customs Registry of Intellectual Property Objects (hereafter the Customs Registry). Not only trademarks, but also industrial designs and inventions, and even works of copyright and plant varieties, can be recorded with the Ukrainian Customs Registry. The customs registration allows the rights owner to control imports and exports of the goods with the use of


According to the Ukrainian legislation legal protection is granted to an industrial design that does not contradict public order, the principles of humanity and morality and complies with the conditions of patentability. What can be registered as industrial design in Ukraine? The object of an industrial design may be a shape, drawing, coloring, or combinations thereof, which determine the appearance of a product and are designed to meet the aesthetic and ergonomic needs. It should be noted that the following objects cannot obtain

trademark registration

How To Register A Trademark In Ukraine

For those who are looking for information on the trademark registration in Ukraine we are pleased to propose the following short yet comprehensive guide. Procedure of Trademark Search and Registration Required documents Time Frame Fees Trademark search: It is worth noting that trademark search is not mandatory however, it can reveal possible obstacles for registration of a trademark before filing. Two types of trademark search are available: Simple trademark search. Can be performed by our trademark attorney

Advance Partners contributed to the Comparative Legal Guide: Trade Marks 2019 (Ukraine Chapter).

Dear all! Advance Partners is proud to be a contributor to Ukrainian Chapter of the recently published International Comparative Legal Guide: Trade Marks 2019. In Ukrainian chapter of Trade Marks 2019 Oleg Zhukhevych and Maksym Kravchenko of Advance Partners give short yet comprehensive replies to the most wanted questions on getting protection to trademarks and their enforcement in the Ukrainian jurisdiction. They give a high-level overview of the most important issues of trademark prosecution including particularities of